Rye & Winchelsea Bonfire Nights - accommodation deals

Sussex is famous for the enthusiasm of its Bonfire Nights. Every village in the local area has its own Bonfire Society (Winchelsea has the Bonfyre Boyes) which puts on a show in the village with a fireworls display, bonfire and of course Guy Fawkes effigy. These are staggered over several weekends during November so that each village can visit the other ones and the climax is a huge parade through the street of Rye with a torchlit procession, bands, music and hot toddies. The Parade winds it way down to the Salts where there is a huge bonfire and a great big party complete with food and drink and a large fireworks display.

We stay up late at Strand House and serve hot toddies when you get home from your celebrations of "Gunpowder, Treason and Plot."