Informal dining in Rye at its very best - light bites

Of course many of our guests have lunch in Rye. Bed and breakfast - does mean that we serve food throughout the day, at lunch and tea-time, just that we need a little bit of notice. Light snacks can be served in your room, the sitting room or out in the garden - just ask us what you would like.

Freshly Made Sandwiches

Fillings – please ask for Today’s Specials or have your favourite filling served with salad and a garnish of potato crisps.

£5.00 per person

Cheese or Ham Plate

served with freshly cut Bread from the Lighthouse Bakery, home-made chutney and fruit. 

£7.50 per person

Anti-pasta Plate

Olives, Bread sticks, Roasted Peppers with Olive Oil/Balsamic vinegar dip.

£5.00 per person

Homemade Soup

served with artisan bakery bread

£4.50 per person

Tea and Coffee

Pot of freshly brewed Williamson Fine Tea

English Breakfast or Earl Grey served with homemade biscuits


Pot of Coffee – Fair trade blend

served with cream or milk homemade biscuits

£2.50   Or Irish Coffee with a shot of whiskey!  £5.00 

Pot of Green & Black Organic Hot Chocolate

served with Sussex double cream and chocolate on the side

£2.50  Or with a shot of rum! £5.00 


Homemade Cake from our selection